A Guide to Buying Storage Containers

It takes a little bit of planning and knowledge to know what storage container is best for your business or personal use. Storage containers are brilliant means of adding space, outbuilding and storage solutions for your home/business/property. Before deciding what storage container to buy read this expert’s guide in buying storage containers.


Do you have enough space?

Storage containers are large metal boxes that take up a lot of space. The largest units are about 40 feet tall and 8 inch wide. The first thing you need to do before buying a storage container is to ensure that you have enough space to put your storage container. Aside from the space for the container itself, you should also take into consideration the space for the truck that is going to deliver the container. The total amount of space you will need should be twice the length of the container, plus 10 feet in a straight line for the delivery truck or trailer. Many people think they have enough space as long as they have 40ft but this is a popular misconception and problems could arise if the location is not suited for your storage container.

Is it suitable for your location?

Where should you put your storage container? Storage containers if refurbished and fixed can look good in your backyard, but as mentioned before, you have to be sure that there will be enough space for it. Also, you have to know the restrictions in your area. Some sub developments, counties and cities have restrictions against containers.

Do you need to install foundations?

If you bought a new storage container and want it to be in good condition all the time, then it is best to put it with a foundation. If you’re in an area where it is always rainy, damp and the ground will be wet, you might want to build a foundation or a drainage system just so you can keep the bottom dry.

What are the expenses?

Expect many expenses when you buy a storage container. If you are going to ship it long distance from the port, you might be surprised of the delivery fee it will cost you. It is best that you get the delivery by tilt bed roll off truck so you won’t need a huge forklift to position your container. It is also recommended that you regularly give your container a paint job, otherwise it will rust easily.

Why you need ventilation.

Storage containers can become freezers or ovens depending on the temperature of your area. Insulation and ventilation is extremely recommended.

Weatherproof Your Container

If you live in a location that has varying weather conditions, you should pay close attention to the quality, and the materials used for the container. You can opt to buy containers built from stainless steel, corrugated steel, or other weatherproof materials that increases its durability.

Are you worried about security?

Another thing to consider is the prospect of thieves breaking into your storage containers. To make sure that your container will be safe, put it in a site where you or other people can visit it regularly. Storage containers placed in isolated areas would be a quick target for thieves.

If you still worry about thieves in your area, maybe it’s time to consider locking mechanisms. Before buying a container, you can have it modified so it can have locks, additional doors or security system. See this sample of price range for locking mechanisms:

  • $15 -standard padlock
  • $76 -double crossbar lock
  • $85 – bolt on lock box
  • $87 -double door porta bolt w/lock.
  • $90 -standard lock box

How can you ensure you are getting a good product?

If this is your first time buying a storage container, you can hire an inspector from the Institute of International Container Lessors to inspect the container for you or you can inspect it yourself by learning more about storage containers.

Storage containers offer containers with high secure lock box to protect your goods.

Choosing Your Own Golf Club Set

Golfers have a lot of golf club sets to choose from. They could pick according to gender, preferred number of pieces, and of course, preferred types of golf clubs. Sporting goods manufacturers, like Callaway Golf, offer sets composed of high-quality golf clubs. Each complete set will ensure maximum playability, and players can customize each set with their own preference.

Golf DriversClub sets consist of a combination of different golf clubs encased in a carrier or stand bag with a number of pockets. The golf clubs in these sets are specially chosen for the player’s preference, and depending on the player’s golfing style. Clubs in most sets include putters, fairway woods, irons, hybrids, and drivers. These clubs are mixed and matched depending on the club’s series or levels of forgiveness and speed.

As mentioned, complete club sets, such as those from Callaway Golf, come in carrier bags or in stand bags. These bags are lightweight, durable, and can easily be carried on the golfer’s shoulder with the aid of a bag strap. They include conveniently located pockets, a detachable pouch, tee holders, and a specialized mesh pocket to put in the golfer’s score cards.

The carrier bags will protect golf clubs from the harsh rays of the sun and the sudden downpour of rain. Most of the bags come with a rain hood, which a golfer can zip up to shield the clubs from a little drizzle. It is important to keep the clubs safe and away from the harsh rays of the sun, as well as wetness, to avoid damages.

For women golfers, the clubs in their sets are engineered especially for them. Lightweight yet heavy duty clubs are included in each club set for female golfers, ensuring control while being forgiving enough. The most number of pieces in women’s sets are 16. The very best golfing equipment manufacturers, such as Callaway Golf, mix the best golf clubs together so that women can have the time of their lives on the field.

As for customization, golf club sets also vary in color. The usual colors are red, black, white, purple, silver, and pink. Some golfers would even opt to have their golf clubs colored, and it’s also a part of the customization feature readily available in golf equipment manufacturers’ websites.

Although some sets are specially sold to promote a certain series of golf clubs, the golfer can still opt to mix and match different clubs according to his liking. If he prefers to have clubs made for speed, then he can customize the clubs in his set. Most golf equipment manufacturers, including Callaway Golf, will give the golfers an option to mix and match golf clubs, but will also include a list of the clubs available for a certain club set.

The different clubs in the sets are used for the different courses of the game. There are clubs that are made for the rough, and there are those made for the green. It is more advantageous to have all kinds of clubs in the set, but if that’s not your preference, then choosing clubs that will suit your playing style is also a good alternative. The customization option will help you, as a golfer, to choose the types of clubs that will be included in your set, or better yet, to find a pre-organized set that will suit your playing style.

The right combination of golf clubs in your set will give you an advantage in your next game; the different clubs in your set can aid you in different courses, and will surely lead you to that last shot towards victory.

Printed Circuit Boards VS Other Circuits

printedcircuitboardsWhen making circuits for electric components, printed circuit boards are usually the first option. Wire wrapping is another method for constructing electronic circuits. This method uses insulated wires to connect electronic components. Another method is a manual procedure of constructing electronic circuits called point-to-point construction.

The wire wrap method was very popular for large-scale manufacturing during the sixties and the early seventies. This uses an insulated board with mounted electronic components. These components are interconnected with an insulated wire that runs between its terminals. The connections are wrapped around a component lead or a socket pin. The insulated wire that’s used can either be made manually or by machine. When the wire is made it can be modified manually later on.

Compared to printed circuit boards, wire wraps are more reliable – albeit only in certain aspects. The connections in a wire wrap assembly are not that susceptible to vibration or physical stresses on the base. This method eliminates the possibility of having any soldering faults such as cold or dry joints and corrosion because this has no solders. The connections are more firm and have lower electrical resistance because the wires are cold-welded to the terminal posts at the corners of the board.

Nowadays however, the use of this method has been limited for prototypes and electronics with digital circuits and few electrical components. Because of the surface-mount technology, this has become less useful. Breadboards have become a good substitute for prototypes. Same as a wire wrapped board; a breadboard also has no solders. Because the cost of PCB is decreasing, wire wraps are barely used by circuit manufacturers.

Point-to-point construction is the manual creation of electrical circuits. This was widely used before printed circuit boards existed and automated circuit assembly was done. This method gradually spread when it was introduced during the nineteen fifties.

Before point-to-point construction, electrical circuits were made using screws. Wire nuts were used for terminating electrical connections. These circuits were placed in wooden or ceramic boards and were prone to failures because of corroded contacts or loose mechanical connections. The introduction of point-to-point construction paved the way for more reliable and durable circuits.

In this method, terminal strips are used that have several copper loops to enable insulation of electricity from each strip. This also enables the circuit to operate more effectively. The strip is stamped with tin-plated copper terminals that have a hole through where the ends of a wire can be pushed. This is then fitted with an insulating strip which is usually made of a cheap heat-resistant material. The material used is either synthetic-resin bond paper or bakelite plastic reinforced with cotton. Soldering connections are made instead of wire nuts. This made the connections stronger and eliminated the failure caused by corrosion of wire nuts.

Even though this method made circuits better, when compared to printed circuit boards, this cannot be automated. It requires manual assembly of its components. A large workforce is needed and since the connections are determined manually, this is prone to wiring errors. This also makes it a very expensive method for making circuits.

The arrival of printed circuit boards made this method nearly obsolete. However, when an electronic device has a simple circuit, using a PCB is not advisable. It will have components that will be much cheaper when assembled using point-to-point construction. Using a PCB will just make it more costly. Hobbyists still use point-to-point construction on certain electronic devices with simple circuits such as guitar amplifiers and stereo systems. There are some devices that use a vacuum tube where point-to-point construction method is still used.

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